Test Kitchen Day

un-cooked pupcakes

*Brek* *Brek* *Brek* Brek*. No, no, no, nononono NO! As per usual I’m stuck wedged into my normal sleeping position between my boyfriend and the wall. “Nathan!”
“Love cheese baby, two minutes gigadanush fadagagaga.”
Useless… Screw it. I Throw off the blankets, roll over the dummy, and make a Hussein Bolt dash for the paper towel. Just as I round the corner back I see the last lurch in action, I knew it would be a photo finish. Queue “Chariots of Fire”. No luck… Jack puts on his puppy dog eyes yet again. For those of you who are pet parents with sensitive boys and girls, trust me I know your pain. Dog puke sucks. 2 years of skimming food brands, types, ingredients, reading nutritional articles, and trial and error has reduced our daily bile issue to a monthly bile issue.

During my first scheduled dog walk of the day I had the time to ponder my meandering path of dog treat testing. It seems to me treats have taken an out of proportion backseat to kibbles and bits in terms of daily nutritional value and sustenance. My question is why should you have to choose between a reward and health? Let’s face it, when us pet parents go to open that bag of pupperoni we always stop for at least a second to consider what else has been ingested today. Some of us probably even monitor and effectively control our dog’s diet better than our own! But I want to reward my dog. With his big smile, waving tail, and wigglebutt greeting me at the door every time I come home, or his diabolical puppy dog eyes waiting patiently for my release. How can I not want to reward him just for being awesome?
That’s what got me to start Sassy Jacks Barkery; a bakery for your besty. After all who doesn’t want a trained chef with your dog in mind making his next treats? Let me just tell you if you haven’t ever tried to start a business, going public with your idea is gut-wrenching. This is coming from a girl who has jumped from a plane. Seriously. As if that’s bad enough launch day for my test kitchen turned out to be the coldest, snowiest day of the year. Record breaking temperatures of -29 Celcius were announced early in the morning, but I needed my god damn beets. And everything else. Regardless I got in the car, braved the messy streets and gathered my ingredients. Once I got home it was time to dig my knife kit out of the closet. I hadn’t even touched it since the day I had been laid off. This hand picked specially ordered bag that had been filled with some of my most prized possessions had stayed un-touched for over a month in the back of my closet. But no more! Honestly though digging out my knives felt good. It felt as though a piece of my hand was finally functional again after a long time in a cast. The motions were practiced, and easy like I’d never even left the kitchen. Only now I’m in the Paw-linary Arts!

I’m lucky enough to know what I am; a strong-headed independent cook. Most people aren’t even fortunate enough to get that far I think. My challenge now, just like you, is to use who I am to turn what I have into what I want.

Back in the kitchen I’m beginning to piece my ideas together. Oat flour: a gluten free alternative for across the board puppy safe consumption. Banana: a low sodium low cholesterol flavor agent loaded with potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, biotin and copper. Beets: a nutritional powerhouse loaded with Betalin anti-oxidants, manganese, and enough value to be dubbed by whfood as “the worlds healthiest food.” Peanut Butter: A low sodium protein source loaded with mono-unsaturated fats (the good fats). Natural Greek yogurt: A high protein low sugar source with a deluxe array of vitamins and a good source of calcium. Together: my Banana Pumpkin Pupcakes with Beet Colored Peanut Butter and Yogurt Topping!

I could go on about my Rosemary Beet Chips (good for bad breath), my Chocolate Carob Cookies (obviously with no actual chocolate), and any future recipe I come up with. In the end I’m both thrilled and ultimately confident in saying that every ingredient in my pet treats are ones with your pets health in mind. Even better all my testers couldn’t get enough of them! Nikki (Nathan’s mom’s Shepperd-Husky) even helped herself to some straight off the back of the counter. A rare thing for her! So far my treats are a hit amongst dogs and people, I’m happier than I ever was in a kitchen, and I get to spend my days with my four legend friends. And Best of all Jack’s stomach agrees with them too! I’ve never had treats I can give to him whenever I want without worrying at all until now. Maybe soon we can turn that monthly bile issue into a bi-monthly issue, or solve it completely even? Either way I’m paw-sitive things don’t get much better.

If you are interested in purchasing some of SassyJack’s Barkery treats, or in other pet services we offer, please visit our page under Sassy Jack’s Pet Supplies on facebook, or contact me at sassyjacksniagara@gmail.com or 902-412-2405. As always, I’d like to thank you for your support.

PS. I’d love to meet you on Twitter at: Kaibrenn
or Instagram at: SassyJackks
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