adoptathon table

There was no shortage of snuggles and excitement at the Fonthill Pet Valu this weekend! The Niagara Dog Rescue society was out in full force working to match loving humans with hopeful fur babies! The staff was helpful, and even if the weather didn’t fully cooperate the people and pets were still all smiles. To top it off a colourful arrangement of raffle prizes, informative signs, and 9 ecstatic adoptees were present to pull in anyone passing by. This truly was a great example of what the NDR can do for pets and for the our community!

The NDR is a volunteer based not for profit organization that helps to rescue animals all over North America from high kill shelters. Each year in North America 6-8 million pets enter shelters, of which roughly 3 million are euthanized. Of them an estimated 80% are healthy and perfectly adoptable. That is almost 10,000 pets each day. In Canada that number is drastically lower, however still severe enough to warrant a push for help.The volunteers of the Niagara Dog Rescue have been working tirelessly since their conception in 2013 to be able to reduce that number. Some foster dogs until they are able to find permanent homes. Others transport dogs across the US-Canada border; once in Canada dogs statistically stand a much better chance at finding a loving permanent home. Those with the organizational prowess are often glad to help organize fundraisers, pickups, coordinating check-ups on adoptees, and phoning references. There really is no shortage of work to be done for each of their 125 self-less volunteers. Hats off to those who give their time, personal funds, and general support to help hundreds of animals find a better life in Canada!

Cathie Marderosian was my main contact when setting up my time to volunteer. Cathie has been volunteering with the rescue for two months, and has already taken on the daunting task of helping organize the adoptathons amongst other things. When I asked her why she volunteered with the rescue she offered the heart warming response “I want to give a voice to the animals who can’t speak for themselves.” She explained further, “Puppies will always be adopted. And unfortunately a lot of the time end up in shelters where they become adult dogs who have to fight harder for their chance to find a forever home.” Thanks to Cathie I was later rewarded by spending my day with Robin, the German Shepard Lab Mix.

Once I parked my car I headed to the booth to help set up and meet the dogs, which is always a very exciting moment for every volunteer. I know I can speak for everyone when I say the volunteers really do fall in love with each and every fur ball they meet, and I am no exception! When I walked in to the adoption room my eyes were immediately drawn to the 120 pound beautiful gentle giant Basil Bell; a gorgeous Rottweiler with the biggest smile on the most lovable squishable face you have ever seen! After I had petted and cooed over her for a while I began to look around the room to find it was really filling up. In the middle of the floor was Alladin, a beaming polar bear blissfully requesting belly rubs from every passerby. And then there was Robin. A 40 pound 2 year old shepherd lab mix with whom I was lucky enough to get to spend most of my time. He is a quiet, loving little guy, who was well-tempered but still mildly energetic. He gave hugs to anyone and everyone!

Robin was found in Texas wandering the streets with his bestfriend Batman. The two were in-seperable, but unfortunately due to un-forseen circumstances Batman was brought to Canada first. Batman is already in his forever home, and Robin would like to find his soon! And hopefully get to see his partner in crime shortly after!

These beauties are just a few of the wonderful dogs I got to meet! Some of them will be back at the Fonthill Pet Valu on Sunday the 28th and there will be a few different ones as well! Stop by to meet them or buy a raffle ticket to win one of the many great prizes available! If you are interested in learning more about any of the dogs I have mentioned or any other dogs check out the Niagara Dog Rescue website at:
If you are un-able to adopt at this time there is also a lot of great information about how to get involved in other ways! And always keep your eyes open for more adoptathons as there will be more in the future!

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