Banana Pumpkin Pupcakes!

carob crumb

My Banana Pumpkin Pupcakes are sure to get Fido’s tail wagging! Sold by the half dozen with or without icing, they are customizable to your needs. Below you’ll find some great information about some of the ingredients I chose! This way those of you who can’t get them from me can still join in the fun
at home.

Pumpkin Purée –An excellent source of soluble fibre which helps regulate Fido’s stool. Vets often recommend adding a little bit of pumpkin purée to your dog’s daily diet. We don’t add any sugar or salt to the pumpkin either, so it’s as healthy as it gets!

Banana purée – Bananas are a great source of potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, C, fiber, biotin and copper. Potassium can help fight stroke, blood pressure, and even stress!  Most dogs absolutely love the flavor and they act as a natural sweetener to our Pupcakes!un-cooked pupcakes

Oat Flour – Just like humans dogs can have tummy troubles when it comes to gluten! To make sure that our products are good for all dogs we stick to gluten free flours only. After all, we want everyone’s furry friends to be able to enjoy our products!

The Topping – The fun, messy, goodness! Made with a natural un-sweetened peanut butter and Plain Greek Yogurt this topping is a great source of proteins, vitamin B, E, and chock full of probiotics. To ‘top’ it all off we color it with pure Beet Juice!

Want some added fun for your pooch? Add our delicious “chocolate” sprinkles!carob crumb
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