The Working Mom

Taking the winter off to develop my dog knowledge and start my business was really good for me. I feel like I accomplished so much, and got a firm grasp on a new passion with no interruptions. Now that I have that grasp I’m returning to the  working world. I’ll continue keeping up with the business, and the blog, and continue learning. I just feel as though the time to focus solely on those things has come to an end for a while.

This was a hard decision for me as I had really gotten use to my routine, and change isn’t an easy thing for me. I liked being able to volunteer, read about dogs, and practice what I was learning with no limitations on my time. I also really liked being able to take care of my house, Nathan, and of course, Jack.

Jack liked having me home as well. I didn’t have to watch the clock on our walks, training sessions were multiple times daily, homemade meals were plenty, and there was always someone home to snuggle and play. Jack was a lucky dog with me as a stay at home Mom.

I can honestly say that I think Jack and I bonded more during that time, and the first few weeks back to work were hard. Puppy dog eyes were in abundance and I had a knot from guilt the size of a watermelon in my throat. Routine is such an important roll in a dogs happy life. They are creatures of habit, so are we. Having a routine and being handled with consistency helps them to build trust. This trust builds a sense of safety which helps them face the world and anything new it presents in a balanced and healthy manor.

Going back to work made me have to upset Jack’s routine, and build an entirely new one. It was a time of re-adjustment for all of us. Things got better though, we developed a new feeding routine, and Nathan and I started to share the responsibilities of exercising him.  Needless to say a good portion of most of our days off are devoted entirely to our fur baby. We even managed to give him an awesome birthday! It’s not perfect, but it’s finally starting to work and I’m starting to feel less guilty. In the short term, going back to work was the right decision for us as a family and I’m more than happy to do the extra work for my fur baby! Besides, the more money I make the more I can spoil him!

2 thoughts on “The Working Mom

  1. Dusty says:

    My wife is fighting this, too: she’s been a freelance illustrator for years, but is now considering re-entering the away-from-home workforce. But that means she has to say goodbye to our little Samwise while he tucks his tail under and puts his ears back and his eyes grow to the size of galaxies.


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