You’re Still My Favourite!

Hi folks,

Jack here! Before I pass the keyboard back to my Mom I would like to apologize for how lazy she has been with the blog this summer. She says her and Dad have been very busy buying a house, and unfortunately it took up a lot of their time! Today I decided I had enough and used my charm and big brown eyes to convince her to get back at it! So here she is!

Jack is my favorite dog, as I’m sure you dog is my favorite dog! How could they not be? They’re perfect! But if you are like our family there is often other dogs around, be it family or friends we have an open door policy for most dogs at our house provided they don’t cause Jack any sort of issues. Our friend’s and family’s dogs even often become attached to us.

All of this puppy love is an amazing feeling! But it often leaves us worrying about Jack. Whether he will become jealous or feel left out or feel as though the other dogs are now our favorite. It can always be a challenge when dealing with multiple dogs at one time, espeically if one is your own, to divide your attention equally and ensure all dogs feel things are fair for them. At the same time it is also really important to remember your fur baby is yours, and it is important to find subtle ways to show that they are still your number one!

This week we are dog-sitting, as we often do, Nathan’s parents three dogs in their home. As an only dog who lives in the city spending a week in a house with friends, and a big fenced in yard probably feels like a dream come true for the first little while. However, much like children at a sleepover I am sure it becomes overwhelming after a while. So today I decided to give Jack a little break, show his some extra love and take him on his own special adventure! We went on a walk in beautiful Jordan Station and Jack stiffed absolutely everything …. and I mean EVERYTHING!  Then we came home to give him some much needed spa treatments (which he loves!), and he even got a few special treats! Now he is taking a much needed nap while I’m hear catching up with all of you!

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