My Montreal Includes all dogs!

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, or has been following my social media recently that I am very upset and angry at the passive of pit bull legislation in Montreal this week. As of October the third all pit bulls, or dogs who look like pit bulls (defined by city council as any dog with a large head and a wide neck) will have to be registered, leashed at a maximum of 1.25 metres, and where a muzzle while outside. Any pit bulls in shelters can no longer be adopted, and thus will be euthanized. There has been numerous aid groups across Canada and the United States who have been helping to remove pit bulls personally or by donating funds to an operation who can.

I have felt a little helpless since I live in a province that has already passed this barbaric law 11 years ago. But my husband is always telling me to fight my battle with words. So with a little research I wrote a letter to the members of city council. And I would like to ask all of you to do the same. To find sample letters, contact information, and information about other ways you can help head over to:

I have included my own personal letter below:

To Denis Coderre (Mayor of Montréal, Québec, Canada):

Doctor Brian Hare, professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina and a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience writes in his book, “the genius of dogs”, that the most common factor in dog bites is male humans of ten years old. Giving credence to the papers and facts of many animal scientists and world renowned dog trainers that it is not the breed, it is the way the dog is treated by humans. It is the people who are responsible for a dog’s behaviour, not just pit bulls, but all dogs. So who are you to dispute the proven facts, sentencing 1000’s of innocent dogs to die? Do any of you have an education of relevance to dog training or cognitive science that gives you the authority to make such a large decision? Have you consulted anyone that does?

You say you have made this decision so that Montreal will work for all of the people of Montreal. What about the people who are going to be forced to shorten their dogs leashes, and muzzle them? Does this law work for them? How about the people who now have to live in fear that you are going to take their dog, who is like their child, away and kill them if the gate accidentally gets left open or they accidentally get away for a split second? What about the veterinarians that you are going to force to kill over a thousand innocent healthy dogs, going against the oaths they took to care for the lives of all animals? What about the SPCA and humane society workers who have worked their whole lives to save animals lives and are now powerless because of you? Does your new law work for them?

If you and your city council politicians insist on restricting and banning dogs because of the way they look, then we and all of OUR friends will choose not to contribute to the City of Montreal tourism revenue.

As long as you have breed-specific language in your laws, we will boycott the city of Montreal.

We will not condone the discrimination created by you, Mayor Coderre, and your political friends. You already know from every expert that this type of legislation does not improve public safety.

Instead of implementing proven bylaws and programs that work, as long as you are willing to take the lazy approach to public safety, killing thousands of un-offending family pets in order to look like you are “doing something”, then you, your city council, and your city do not deserve our money.

My Montréal includes ALL dogs

Kaitlyn Brenton

7 thoughts on “My Montreal Includes all dogs!

      1. Sassy Jack's Niagara says:

        I saw this morning on the prince Edward Island humane society site that they had called the Montreal spca to offer to take any remaining dogs but we’re informed that they had already been successful in placing all “pit bull” type dogs, which is pretty awsome! Now they are beginning to collect money to help help the Montreal spca with their legal fees (as I’m sure many rescue organizations are) as the prepare to go to take the city to court because this by-laws conflicts with a Quebec wide law that deems animals to be sentient beings. I plan to post more information in regards to that law and how people can help within the next day or two.

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