A Few Wins For the Pit Bulls!

This week has come with a few pieces of good news for the pit bulls. The first being that the pit bull ban has been temporarily postponed. Superior court justice Louis Gouin has suspended the by-law until 5pm on Wednesday because the city may have “over-stepped their bounds”. The new by-laws would conflict with a Quebec wide law passed in 2015 that states that all animals are to be considered sentient beings (beings able to perceive or feel things) with basic rights.

Gouin also feels that the by-law lacks clarity. City council defining “pit-bull type dogs” as any dog having a large head and a wide neck. When dog owners ask how to find out if their dog falls into this category some are told to get a simple veterinarian record, others are told that they must pay for DNA testing. Sounds pretty ridiculous to us, and it is nice to see that someone else things so too!

With any luck Gouin will rule to suspend the by-law until the legal fight can be settled, and hopefully the Montreal SPCA will win their case! Sassy Jack and I are routing for them! And we hope you are too!

In even better news for the pit bulls according to a recent post by the Prince Edward Island Humane society the Montreal SPCA has been successful in having all “pit bull type dogs” removed from the city to other rescue organizations!


That is amazing news! A lot of hard work was definitely put in by the staff and volunteers of the Montreal Humane Society as many other rescue organizations to make that happen! Also a special shoutout to the PEI Humane Society, where Sassy Jack came from, for being so willing to help. PEI truly is the little island that could!

For more information on dog bite prevention, the work of the Montreal Humane Society, and to sign the petition against BSL head on over to:


If you are interested in learning about a successful dog bite prevention program in another Canadian city, find out what Calgary did at:


As always: Stay informed, share the heck out of this post, and thank you so much for reading!

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