Ch ch Channnges…

It has been an exciting few weeks for the Blezius family. Despite having a two year plan for buying a house, due to some unforeseen events, Nathan and I decided to look for a house mid summer. It was a terrifying process. So many things to consider. What area do we want to live in? Is it easily accessible to both of our works? What is important to us in our home? What is our budget? Can we afford a mortgage? What will our interest rate be? Who should our realtor be. Blah Blah Blah.
I think the most stressful part of the search was the housing market. The market is in such a time of change, especially in this area. The real estate agents aren’t even sure how to price anything anymore, and everything moves fast. Really fast. You have to constantly be watching realtor sites, and jump on anything you like immediately. You literally have to be ready to go see the house within hours, and make an offer within hours of that. It’s ridiculous. The first week that we looked 4 out of 5 houses we were interested in sold within a day, before we had even been able to get a viewing. One of the houses we put an offer in on went for $40,000 above the asking price!
It all worked out in the end though, we ended up finding a cute little house that we love about six weeks ago, and they accepted our offer! It has a big fences yard for Jack, lots of kitchen space for Mom, and a big garage for Dad. And the cathedral ceilings are beautiful! The closing was on October 12th, and we moved in on the 23rd.
Moving was especially stressful for Jack. Because he is so calm, and generally not bothered by much, we sometimes forget that he can get stressed too. The weeks leading up to the move he knew something was happening. Living in boxes can stress anyone out. I couldn’t leave him anywhere, not even with Nathan’s parents, without him crying. It broke my heart.
On moving day, we were once again reminded that with dogs, you should always expect the unexpected. We were unloading our truck, and thought we should test out our new fenced in yard. Seemed like a safe place for Jack to be while the front door to the house was open. Unfortunately we were underestimating how determined he would be to be with us and keep an eye on us. He dug right under the fenced, ran out to the front, up the stairs, under the feet of the boys moving furniture, and straight to Mom. We were all really surprised! He has never tried to dig under anything before, but I guess the stress just got to him.
In hind site I wish I had of left him with Nathan’s parents for the day. It would have been the safest option, less stress for everyone. He has calmed down since then, though. And we have all started to get into a routine. He is loving the open concept, he has so much more space to run around. And we are loving his yard, even thought Jack isn’t quite sure what to do with it yet! I’m sure he still has some adjusting to do, but he has definitely calmed down. We all have!


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