Turner Style

This week has been an exciting one! We have decided that since we have a full house and a yard now that it was finally time to start fostering pups. As I write this our first foster baby, Bentley, is resting his head on my hand soaking up every possible bit of attention. He is a cute little guy, a 10 month old border collie mix who is a super ball of energy! He is highly trainable,  and super snugly. I truly believe that the right family will find a smart, loyal, loving companion in this little guy.

Like any dog, he does have his moments though! We watched Turner and Hooch this week and as I watched Scott Turner give his Iconic list of Rules to Hooch, after which Hooch magically becomes a well behaved companion, I couldn’t help but wish I could do the same thing with Bentley.

Rule number one: You will not mark my bed, all business will be done outside. My bedroom is not your room. Rule number two: no fighting, biting, or chewing, of your foster brother. His room is not your room. Rule number three: Throw pillows and shoes are not chew toys.  The living room is not your room. Rule number four: you will not walk on people’s faces. The kitchen is not your room. Rule number five: you will not bark for hours for no reason. And you see this  kennel? This big kennel with the fluffy blanket? This is your room.


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