I Wonder…

It is not uncommon for a rescue Mom or Dad to wonder about their babies past. Some are lucky enough to get some sort of back story through the rescue, but we were not given much. All we know is that Jack was picked up as a stray. It is really hard to imagine anyone ever giving this guy up. He is genuinely sweet, relatively well behaved, and all around gentle. We have had very few major behavioural issues with him. I could lie and give you some story about how he was aggressive or shy or barked a lot or jumped at people and we swooped in and trained him so well that he is the perfect dog now. But I won’t do that. Jack is Jack. He is well-behaved of his own accord. Not to say we haven’t honed his skills a little bit, but we really didn’t have to do much.

We’ve had him for two and a half years now, and honestly it just feels as thought he has always been our baby. We sometimes forget that he had two years before we had ever even met him. Every once in a while I am hit with a moment that reminds me of that. Like when I see someone post a picture of their puppy, and I wonder what he looked like or how he acted as a puppy. Or today, as we were walking down the street, my calm gentle boy suddenly turned into a jumping, barking maniac at the sight of a passing truck. It always comes as a shock when Jack barks, because quite frankly Jack never barks. We could go weeks without hearing him bark, except in his sleep (which is adorable). But every so often, once every few months a van or a truck will pass by and he goes nuts. And that moment snaps me back to reality and leaves me wondering “what happened to my baby before we found each other?”.

Those moments can sometimes be scary and a little embarrassing. While I have dealt with aggressive dogs many times in my life, I never have to deal with it on a regular basis anymore and I certainly not from Jack. I always feel like an idiot when he does this because it takes me a few seconds to clue in, and by then its too late, and I just have to hold the leash firmly and wait for the car to pass. Then it is almost as if he instantly turns into my sweet little guy again. A real Jekyll and Hyde situation.

For the most part I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never know what Jack’s life was like before we rescued each other. I like to imagine that he went to Prince Edward Island with a nice family for a camping vacation, caught site of a squirrel and took off, and just got a little too far and couldn’t find his way back. I hope that they loved him enough to search for him for a long while, and I hope that they didn’t hurt too long when they realised that they wouldn’t find him. And I hope they found another fury companion to bring joy to their lives.

Do you know your rescue babies back story? Or do you ever wonder about it?


2 thoughts on “I Wonder…

  1. colinandray says:

    Like you, we often wonder about those things. Ray was also a stray, and also 2 yrs old (estimated) when rescued. Although we knew nothing about him, we do know that he had no social skills; was afraid of people and other dogs; had startle response; lost control if approached with anything resembling a stick; did not know how to handle steps; had no concept of playing; showed minimal evidence of any prior training. He has come a long way from those days!

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