Foster’s First Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone! It was a busy and hectic Christmas for the Blezius family. Our little foster baby was a little confused by the holiday happenings, but with a little encouragement and reassurance from us and Jack, he did just fine. In fact I think he did great!

He did not bother the tree at all the entire holiday so he was very very confused when we put a present in front of him and told him to take it. He didn’t quite understand that he was allowed to unwrap it and I eventually had to do it for him, but he went nuts for the toy inside! On the opposite Jack, finally on his third Christmas, was stoked to get to open presents! Between the two of them they cleaned up with ten toys. We had family from all over sending toys for both boys. It was really heartwarming to see how loved our babies are!

After presents we had a relaxing morning before heading over to Nathan’s parents house. When we got there Bentley got to experience the forest for the first time! We got our dogs, and theirs, ready and went out for a big family walk in the forest. Four humans, and five dogs. Everyone had a great time, especially Bentley! Smelling all the new smells of a canadian forest and following closely behind my father in-law (who shortly became his new best friend).

After that we headed back to their house and he got to play with some new dog friends. The older dogs were a little unsure about him, and he did commit some social faux-pas with them but they all adjusted nicely, and we had a pretty peaceful night.

We are very happy to have been able to give such a fun day to our foster baby! And we are really thankful for our loving families and how much they have supported our fostering, and how much love they have shown for Bentley and Jack. In our family they really are our children! I hope all of your Christmas’ were full of fun and love as well!


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