The Trifecta of Suck.

Imagine yourself laying on your basement floor early one morning. You’re in your bathrobe, your foot is folded in an extremely uncomfortable position underneath you, and you’re lying in a massive puddle screaming for your husband, hoping against hope that he wakes up. Definitely was not how I wanted to start last Friday.

suck o meter

This week has been a landmark week of suck for the Blezius’.  It would seem on Thursday, while we were having a big rainstorm, one of the dogs knocked the down spouts of the side of our house. To make matters worse it snowed that night freezing around what little drainage we had left and forcing all of the water back into our house.

Neither one of us had any idea that any of this was going on. And of course being newbie home-owners, we didn’t think to check.


The only one who had any idea was our foster dog Hartley (AKA Bruce Wayne, AKA Bat dog)

.bat dog

He barked for us at about 3AM, but being the dummies we are we waited patiently for a few minutes, thinking he may calm himself, which he did.

So the following morning I sleepily headed downstairs to retrieve some clothes from the top of the dryer, got to the bottom of the stairs slipped HARD on the tile, and sprained my foot. Awesome.  And of course, once I finished screaming, I realized that I was sitting in about a half an inch of water and promptly began screaming louder.


At this point Nate hears me and gets up to asses the situation. We spend the next hour cleaning up everything we can with towels while we wait for Nate’s Mum to arrive with the shop vac, then the three of us spend the day cleaning up to be joined by his stepdad around 4:30PM.

By this point my foot is swollen and I decide to go to the emergency room and bare the literal five hour wait to get x-rays. The doctor that I got had the WORST bedside manor imaginable. To top off this pleasant visit I had to walk my own chart to the nurses station while literally five nurses stood and stared at me hobble by. And yes, I know nurses work hard, I’m not saying they don’t. But I have worked my share of twelve hour shifts, with no breaks, in 45 degree weather running my ass off. And while I may not be saving lives, I gotta say is a smile really too much to ask for? I didn’t even care if they helped me, just SMILE. Don’t stare at me awkwardly making me feel even more awkward.


Thankfully my foot was sprained, no breaks or fractures, but unfortunately it would require me to miss my shift the next day. Uhg.

To top off the trifecta of suck, while in the waiting room my husband calls to tell me our hot water heater is broken. No joke. Before we found the flood the fan underneath the water heater sucked water up inside of killed it. We finally found out today what it would cost to fix. The girl who called me with the price actually asked me if I could sit down before telling me – $1200 JUST FOR THE PART. You can by a brand new water heater for $800 dollars at Costco right now, and they’ll install it free of charge!

After pricing around we are finally able to have a rental come from our gas company this Sunday. In the meantime I’m have to rely on family, gym showers, and boiling water for sink showers.

Fortunately after all is said and done the damage on our house isn’t terrible. We saved the base boards, fixed the down spouts, fenced the dogs off from that area of the yard, borrowed industrial fans from Nate’s work, and have been putting in a little elbow grease into our new home.

It was an unfortunate circumstance, but it could have been way worse. As my Mother in-law (props to both her and her husband for helping us out so much, LOVE YOU GUYS) has been reminding me all week, that’s the joys of owning a home!

I am also very thankful for how patient Jack and Hartley have been this week. We have been very busy, and they definitely haven’t been getting the amount of attention they are use too, but they took it in stride. And really showed their skills at reading situations. They offered us a lot of emotional support, and tried to entertain themselves as much as they could this week. Good boys 🙂

good boy

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